Birla Ojasvi Master Plan

Birla Ojasvi Master Plan

The Birla Ojasvi Master Plan is being developed on 10 acres in West Bangalore's Rajarajeshwari Nagar neighbourhood. Birla Ojasvi is a modern township development featuring finely designed rowhouses and apartments. Eighty per cent of the site is open space, and less than 20 per cent of the project is under construction. The project offers more than 600 housing units developed over three towers, which makes it one of the lowest-density projects. Internationally acclaimed architect Broadway Malyan designed the project.

The master plan, or comprehensive plan, provides a long-term vision of a project’s development. It helps to realize a development plan’s true economic, social, and environmental potential. A detailed project delivery framework supports a master plan. It aids in determining the timeline and cost of the project. It also aids in effectively phasing the project. It ultimately boosts the credibility and visibility of a development project.

Birla Ojasvi Master Plan has been designed to provide citizens with a snug and steeply-priced lifestyle. The project is developed over three blocks with a ground floor and approximately 33 floors. The project is located on a quiet 80 ft. wide road with minimal traffic flow. The project has a frontage of 70 metres facing the 18-meter-wide main approach road. The project is positioned overlooking 250 acres of lush greenery in the reserve forest. The homes are east and west-facing.

More than 40 amenities are spread across a 25,000 sq. ft Club House along with a dedicated health street and club street connecting all towers. An exclusive iconic sky club at a height of 350 feet, giving a perfect view of the city skyline, is also designed for the project. Most of the units overlook the greens, which provide the freshness of a seamless, vast greenery expanse, whereas all other units have spectacular city night views.

Exclusive amenities master planned in the clubhouse are:

Exclusive amenities master planned in the clubhouse

  • Arrival Plaza
  • Swimming pool
  • Toddler Swimming pool
  • Events Lawn
  • Open Party Lawn
  • Kid’s Playground
  • Sunken Sitting Area
  • Pool Deck with Sun Lounges
  • Orchard Garden
  • Lounge Pavilion
  • Meeting Pavilion
  • Sculpture
  • Entrance Canopy
  • Poolside Pavilion
  • Event’s Plaza
  • Toddlers Play Area
  • Urban Farm
  • Multi-Purpose Sport Court
  • Rooftop Garden
  • Creche Garden

Birla Ojasvi's project has a well-designed master plan. Since there is 80% open space and well-placed services, car traffic is restricted to the periphery for further safety. The master plan shows more than 40 carefully chosen amenities for both individual and group activities, suitable for all age groups.


Facilities or Services

  • Guard House
  • Open Car Parking
  • Main Signage
  • Transformer Yard
  • DG Yard
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

Birla Estates is committed to sustainability; the Birla Ojasvi master plan has been designed with this in mind. The project is developed to be energy efficient and uses sustainable materials and practices.

The project has rainwater collection, waste management, and a sewage treatment plant, which ensures the project’s environmental friendliness.

The master plan of the project was designed by the famous architectural firm HOK, which is thought of for its modern and sustainable designs. The undertaking has been designed to provide citizens with a relaxing and pricey lifestyle with an ideal layout and sustainability combination. The developer has planned to implement many advanced technologies in the construction to make the project safer, faster, and more reliable, making it an ideal option for investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Birla Ojasvi master plan show the amenities in the enclave?

The project offers more than 40 world-class amenities, as shown in the master plan. These include a swimming pool, clubhouse, gymnasium, sports courts, games rooms, etc.

2. Will the Birla Ojasvi have parks and gardens?

Birla Ojasvi has parks and gardens because more than 80% of the project is marked for open spaces, and many gardens and parks are here.

3. What is the purpose of a master plan, and how is it helpful?

The master plan of an enclave illustrates its detailed layout. It shows where the homes, green areas, amenities, other services, and open spaces are in the enclave. The plan offers buyers a precise picture of how it is laid out and what makes up the project.

4. What is the total area of the clubhouse offered in the project?

The size of the elegant clubhouse offered in the project is 25,000 sq. ft.

5. How many acres of land are dedicated to open spaces?

The project has dedicated more than 8 acres of land from 10 acres of total land for greenery and open spaces.

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